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Kaitlyn ([personal profile] kaitmaree) wrote2016-08-23 11:55 am

darrow zwei

OKAY so I obviously spoke to some of you on the planning post but I wanted to expand/gauge interest re: who I plan on having in Darrow 2 plot so far.

My main plans revolve around 616 Mystique. She's coming right out of the end of the first part of Get Mystique wherein Logan has been tracking her down and leaves her in the desert with a gun and the message that she'll "figure out what it's for." Not angsty whatsoever, she'll be thrilled to blink and wind up in an alternate dimension fo sho. 

I've spoken to Laine and really want her to have a role in Eames' team of extractors, and of course will be playing her off of Melly's Theresa because that's going to be fucking awesome.

Is anyone else interested in having their pups thread with the more villainous side of Raven Darkholme? Let me know because I want to make the most of this opportunity.

ETA: I have an "arrival" post for Mystique, here.

Next up is Aimee Finecky who will be arriving straight after her Darrow departure. I mostly want her to know about TJ's wedding because feeeeeeels, but it would mean a lot if I could get a Gwen thread and also anyone who knew her before. Or wants to know her briefly now. She's the sweetest girl imaginable though she does battle alcoholism and has had a somewhat traumatic past.

Also kind of weighing up bringing back Ree Dolly who actually got to fulfill her dream of joining the army? IDK if I have enough time or if there's many who would be up for threading with her. But I miss her. There's also the possibility of Kathy H, who I think would be interesting to play once she's completed one of her first donations.

ANYONE INTERESTED? I am playing Mystique and Aimee either way but let's talk about things. 

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