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 Okay. So, I've seen Catching Fire twice now and while I don't think my thoughts are yet particularly coherent (one more viewing, maybe?), I'm going to try and post the promised review. Or reaction/general thoughts, really. My review is: I absolutely loved it.

There are only a couple of things I can find fault with and largely they have to do with time, I think. I get the impression from set/promo photos a lot was cut, and I'm hoping when it's out on DVD/Blu-Ray we'll get an opportunity to see those. I wish that District 13 had been more of a focus, it's only mentioned fleetingly (when Snow visits Katniss at the Victor's Village) and I think non-book readers will be more than a little bit confused by the revelation that it's still standing. I didn't even notice if the first viewing, and had to carefully listen out for it the second. I wish there had been time for Bonnie and Twill, for Katniss's disbelief in them, for the mention of the recycled footage of 13 annually (the same mockingjay appears in the shot.)

I wish we'd seen Plutarch's watch, his hint that it starts at midnight. Plutarch is probably my greatest disappointment in this film, not because Phillip Seymour-Hoffman isn't amazing, but because without that hint, with his order to tighten control over 12 and even his promotion of whippings and executions, he comes across as downright evil. I totally understand that he has to play the part for Snow, but as I've discussed with Laine (ad nauseum, I'm probably driving her insane with my Catching Fire thoughts but ANYWAY), it's going to be a lot harder for non-book readers (and even book readers, maybe?) to resolve the fact that he's on the good side at the end of it all. I just wish he hadn't been so specific in what he suggested for 12, because it so quickly led to Gale's whipping and that's not going to be easily forgotten. Laine said it best, really, "everything would have made just as much sense if he'd only said something about cracking down on keeping 12 in line. It didn't need that detail." My brother (a non-book reader) even asked me afterwards whether Plutarch was good or bad, because he was so thrown by his appearance on the hovercraft at the film's close.

The other things are a little less bothersome, I feel like some of the dialogue felt a little forced because they were trying to squeeze in as many quotes from the book as they could. For the most part, these were used pretty well, though, and I enjoyed hearing them differently than I'd imagined. Johanna's "there's no one left I love" felt more broken than aggressive, and I loved that.

I really didn't like the score, I think it was recycled from the previous one and not used well, except maybe in 11 with the Victory Tour, when they reused Rue's Lullaby and I cried. Re-watching it the second time, the editing felt a little choppy but I think this can all be put down to needing to get ALL THE THINGS IN, and overall they did pretty damn well. 

NECESSARY FLAILING EVERYTHING WAS PERFECT: JOHANNA. Jena Malone, what are you? When she was cast I was thrilled, honestly, I knew she'd nail the part and she did. Her rant on interview night was flawless and her "make him pay" gave me chills. She certainly managed not only her attitude, but her moments of softness and weakness when talking about Finnick and Annie, for example, such a haunting "love is weird." I love, as several have observed, seeing her not through Katniss's so often biased filter. 

 Finnick I cringed a little bit at the start only because of the accent, but he grew on me. And I think he's perfect. He made me cry re: Mags (who was perfect, as I suspected she would be) and I'm so excited to see the layers of his character, his heartbreaking history, revealed. Wiress was amazing, also, I loved her tick tocking and I loved the perfect adaption of her singing hickory dickory dock like a canary in the mines, as Katniss observes in the books, until she stops and they know something is wrong.

Effie broke me and Woody Harrelson is THE perfect Haymitch, I absolutely adore him.

I'm always going to think Jennifer Lawrence is the best thing since sliced bread, and this is no exception. Man, the shots we got on her face as she rose into the arena, as she waited for the hovercraft to collect her after she broke the arena, as her expression contorted from confusion to sadness to determination after the revelation her home was obliterated... she was perfect. 

So, overall, I loved it. Most of my problems are nitpicky and don't really matter to the film on the whole, but I figured they were worth recording anyway. I also really loved THG, might I add, especially stylistically, but I think overall this one was a better book to film adaption. One of the best. I'm so ridiculously excited for Mockingjay it's going to make the next year borderline unbearable, but anyway. That's it. What did you guys think?

Also, Darrow folks, if you don't follow me on Twitter I think I'm going to app Finnick Odair. Where this came from, I don't know. Oh, wait, yes, I do. It came from Johanna in the TD and all of the feels that gave me, so I thought, hey, I'll throw Finnick in here just for kicks and then perfect Johanna and perfect Katniss and how can I not want to be a part of this? So I'm practice threading with Laine and crying always over how perfect her prose is and I'll probably have him in by the end of the year. After Maggie.

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Effie broke me so fucking hard. She GROWS. And we SEE it. I was afraid it would be totally skipped over in the movie and I was so glad it wasn't.

Gah - that TD made me miss playing Cinna so badly.