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Kaitlyn ([personal profile] kaitmaree) wrote2014-08-30 01:51 pm
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Sot– wait, no, I'm too lazy to do one of those.

Not much has changed from last time, anyway. So just tell me who you want to thread with? I have an Abby, a Kathy, a Mindy, a Finnick, an Aimee, a Raven, an Arya and hopefully soon a Ree Dolly. And then one day a Pat Peoples I stg you guys he is coming.

Let me know who you'd like to see EPs from, private posts from, etc. 

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I want Mindy for EVERYTHING. But Kate will be looking for her dress soon, so that. Also bachelorette party. Also everything. Also can she meet Luke? I feel like that would be hilarious.

I want to thread more with EVERYONE. Aimee and Raven. I really loved her thread with Lily, but since I'm dropping her, I'll have to find someone new for her. Maybe Beth?
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I think we're trying for Halloween for reasons~ Like, potentially massive city-wide plot reasons, but we need to sort of hash that out in more detail/email the mods. But as it stands right now, October 31.

Yessss to all these things! Kate is getting an EP, but the other two are not, so private threads for those? I just think Luke would be so deeply and quietly amused by Mindy. Plus he's super hot. :D
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Yay, okay! That all sounds good.

Don't let me forget to put up a start for Mindy and Luke at some point this weekend. :D
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Anyone! Everyone! Sean and Raven?
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Another Marius and Kathy thread? :3

And always Raven and Ophelia!

I love your characters so, so much! <3333
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Same here! Well, Marius will be getting an EP probably the end of this week? Also, he wants to introduce Kathy to Courfeyrac. :3

OOH. That sounds awesome! Save a spot for Feely in that post? She will be there.
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But how can I pick? I heart them all!

But I was thinking that maybe a Cissie and Raven thread sometime? I feel like they could be interesting together.
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I am desperately trying to get myself back into gear once this move is over, and I'm wondering who'd be good with a Victorian vampire queen. (I have a vague weird sense that Abby would be iiiiinteresting, but I don't know enough about her to be sure.)